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Any tips on what parts one needs and how to install a remote poploc on the Rockshox MC3.3? (My bike is a 2006 Trek EX7). The blue leaver on the shock has 3 settings but it is not comfortable to dive for it when cycling. It would be better to have a remote on the handlebar. The MC3.R comes with a remote but the system is different.

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Give them a buzz. They are an easy going down to earth crew that can help you out with this. Good luck. :cool:

Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.
SRAM Corporation
1333 N. Kingsbury, 4th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60622
Phone: +1-312-664-8800
Fax: +1-312-664-8826

I'm pretty sure you're gonna need the mc3r to use a remote. The r stands for remote and the shock is spring loaded so it will return to the open setting when you release the remote.

I had one on a fuel 98 that the local trek rep gave me to use for awhile, I also had a reba with the remote on it and sram makes a really great dual remote lockout that would string one cable through both remotes and since they are sprung opposite directions it would either lock-out or open both ends at the same time. Way cool!!!

Unfortunatly they can't convert one to the other either if I remember correctly, still give them a call and know for sure since it may have changed since I played with that setup.
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