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poploc adjust

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Hello people,

The only difference I noticed between the poploc and poploc adjust remote levers is that the adjust version has a dial on it. Is the only purpose of that dial to prevent you from turning the compression lever to fully open, thus still giving you some compression damping? If you have the non-adjust lever, can you also only move the lever part way? Thanks
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I think the only way you could do that would be to leave slack in the cable when you attach it with the set screw. The poploc is either on or off at the bar.
The pop lock just locks the compression damping all the way on. The adjust version allows you to add some compression damping in fine increments. In effect as you turn the knob it pushes the lever in preventing the lever from opening fully. The compression adjustment ring on the fork is spring loaded, so the lever wants to return to the fully open position once you release the lock.
pop oc adjust gives you 8 turns of micro adjust compression damping. pop loc is on or off, and you rely on the floodgate for blowoff threshold.
Thanks for the info, guys.
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