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Polygon D24x

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Has anyone seen the D24x from polygon? Any thoughts? With the free 14 day returns I went a head and pulled the trigger.

Looks like a nice package, especially given the price.

Geo seems really good. I like that it is one of the only 24in bikes I've seen with short chain stays at 400mm. Most other bikes are 420+. Trailcraft has short chain stays too at 390.

Any input on the tekro brakes?

We have lots of steep pedaling and I wish it had a taller geared cassette. That is the only big negative.
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Just fyi Prowheel | CHARM-FD04S
shows its 74 bcd... and manuf. witth a 28T. If its this one they put on youre likely in luck ...check its 74bcd and then if it is you should be able to get a smaller ring for just a few beans - much cheaper and likely better than a buying a monster cassette for a kids bike
prob get one on amazon but something like this ...
Thanks for posting that. I will need to do something with the gearing.
The picture of the bike cranks on your link looks the same. Maybe a win….
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