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polished my knobs.

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what do yall think?

they're shinier than that, the pictures don't do them much justice.
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Should have left the knobs their original color so they would match the Enduro you color scheme is all F'd up.
got some serious stem spacers goin on there!

I didn't like the blue knobs. The only other blue on the bike is the propedal on the rp23. this bike is black, white and lime green. I'm on the lookout for a green king headset (non dolce vita)
Bikeeveryday said:
(non dolce vita)
Volete dire "non sotto voce"?
yeah, beautiful bike... but does it get out at all?
Have you done anything to your new "raw" aluminum to keep it from oxidizing, like a clear coat or anything?
yep and yep.

I meant Sotto Voce. I got confused haha. I do ride the bike. It usually gets cleaned after every ride.

And I thought aluminum formed a layer of oxidation itself once it had been stripped of paint/ anything?
you dont need a clear coat. if you had polished the knobs (as in...made them shiny and mirrored) you might want to clear them to keep them from oxidizing (as in...looking raw like they look right now) but even then its not needed. polished aluminum will fade a little but a quick once over with compound brings it right back.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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