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I'm having some issues with a Polar CS400 on an '08 Scalpel and hoping for some insight. This same computer worked great on other MTB's, although all had traditional suspension forks vs. the Lefty.

I have mounted the Polar sensor as high up the leg of the fork as I can before you get to where the actual suspension is. I'm using the Cannondale computer mount for the sensor and have the sensor pretty darn close to the magnet.

First of all I can get it to work OK, but the rub is that I'm having issues with the computer losing the signal at both low speed (~2-4 mph) and occasionally and seemingly randomly at higher speeds (~18-22 mph). The low speed instances were with the fork unlocked and every now and again it stops recording and then picks up again, but sometimes for ~15+ min at a time. At higher speeds, I've noticed issues when the fork was locked and I was cruising on pavement. No power lines to cause interference etc ... I know that Polar's are pretty sensitive to the distance from the computer to the sensor, but to move the sensor any higher means I have to mount it where the shock actually moves up/down and then I saw dropouts on the trail as the fork was doing it's job.

The sensor is new and I have seen any low battery warnings or anything else to indicate a week signal. I know this is a bit vague, but hoping someone has some ideas before I have to go shell out for a new computer.
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