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Point Mugu rescue

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via Ventura County Star

POINT MUGU - A father and son were rescued by helicopter Monday night from Point Mugu State Park after getting lost while hiking, authorities said Tuesday.

Jay Lewitt, 48, and his son, Evan, 20, both of Agoura Hills, were hiking down from Mugu Peak near sunset when they lost sight of the trail, authorities said. The two used the light from their cell phones to find their way down but ended up at the edge of a cliff and had to call 911, the Sheriff's Department reported.

An air rescue squad used night-vision goggles to find the pair. The two were loaded aboard a hovering helicopter and taken back to the trailhead.
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I suppose we the taxpayers get to pay for this. On the surface it appears to be poor decision processing.
I guess it could get cold up there at night, I was wondering why they wouldnt just spend the night under the stars. I guess thats one way to get a free helicopter ride.
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