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Went on a little solo ride late this afternoon - the boss decided it was too slow to keep me pretending to work any longer, so he cut me loose. I dart home to load up the coilmonster and off I head towards CB Park. The conditions were pretty good, saw only 1 other rider out there, a few runners, and dog walkers. My Australian Shepherd would've loved it out there, but I was being selfish tonight. I'll bring her next time.

The Mutanoraptors worked real well (thanks Earthpig for the suggestion) without gathering up much of anything for almost the whole ride. Did the Poindexter loop ;) and no camera was brought to protect the innocent. I vouch that I made (almost) no mark on the dirt, didn't "dude" anybody coming down, and not one person was bible thumped. Amen.

Temp was perfect and hope it stays right about this climate, but just a little drier. A year ago I was on suicide watch as I experienced my first Boise winter and Inversion layer. I've found the only antidotes to this fever are "get out there" and "more cowbell".

Ride on amigos...

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