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:thumbsup: THANK YOU! As an English teacher, it brings together two of my passions, biking and teaching, perfectly. My girlfriend (also an English teacher) is a huge fan of Naomi Shihab Nye, and I am definitely using this poem in class next year. Thanks again! :thumbsup:

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I had this in a mtb mag not to long ago

Often there is too little
Other times there is plenty
I'll use what they give me
The space outside the line

Too often I here the call of "Freedom"
"It's behind the wheel"
Or riding on an engine covered in corporate logos
Can freedom really come from a pump?

Freedom is feeling the wind
Freedom is knowing the hills
Freedom is hearing the birds
Freedom is in the space outside the line

Are we destined to live life behind glass?
In our climate controlled cocoons
Surrounded by plastic and vinyl
Searching for distractions to get us through

Life is getting your power from a plate
Life is turning your feet, in a trance 100 miles deep
Life is being a true rebel
Life is in the space outside the line​
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