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What type of grease should I use to service de dropper, Slickhoney, Srammbutter or Slikcoleum are not aveilable in my area
We do recommend using Slickoleum (Sram butter and Slickhoney are the same lube just re-branded) since that is a high viscosity light grease that helps keep the post super smooth. That being said we did show Phil wood grease in our video as that works great as well and would be more regulary available or already on hand for most cyclists that do their own service.

You can use multiple types of grease, jsut be sure to stay away from heavy or thick bearing/assembly grease like Park grease and the likes. Those are all meant to be thick to protect surfaces that contact eachother or in bearings. If used in your dropper it will not harm it but it will not be a smooth or fast compared t a lighter weight and slicker grease. Suspension lubes like Slick honey or WPL Absolute grease are what all suspension companies use to assemble and maintain forks, shocks and droppers. Slick honey and SRAM butter you can get in smaller tubes easily online if yo uare not able to pick up some locally. You may be able to find a viscous teflon type of grease that will work well too... just make sue whatever grease you use is slick ;)

Hope that helps!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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