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PMBAR CP volunteers needed:

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Hey Everybody!

We here at Pisgah Productions need a few good volunteers to help out with checkpoints. If you:

1. want to earn $100 for camping in pisgah at a spot I tell you.
2. can arrive at that spot at 8am Saturday and can stay at that spot until 8am Sunday
2. have the fortitude to deal with emergencies.
3. can hike out 10ish pounds of gear beyond what you hike in.

contact me.



[email protected]
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Hey Everybody!
We are still in need of two overnight checkpoint volunteers and one dedicated score keeper. These are paid positions folks, who's in?
Also, for the less dedicated, we need as many people as possible to help out with gear-check, sign-in, and parking. Got a cause that needs a donation (I'm looking at you SORBA)? Rally a few people that can show up early and leave early... and get in touch.
Folks...this is just about the easiest $100 you can make. Hang out in the woods, drink some bevs, listen to tunes, and chat with racers. You don't have to provide physical or mechanical support, just write down names, etc.
E- I'll float the start only volunteer question to the PAS board.
I'm still in for full day/start finish volunteer, set-up to tear down. If I'm the scorekeeper by default, so be it.

Hey Everybody, we have all the CP positions filled but we are still looking for start/finish volunteers. If you can drag your butt out of bed and be at the field across the street from Davidson River Campground by 6am on May 7th please contact me.

The positions we need volunteers for include parking /cat-herders, sign-in smiling faces, and gear-check hard-asses.

In exchange you'll get a pint glass and an invite to the after party. If a single group or organization shows up like the cavalry, I'll make a donation to that group or organization, too.
Pint Glasses?

Wha? Did you say Pint Glasses?

Does this mean Pint Glasses for Racers?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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