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Plugs for cable ports/holes axs

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Hi guys, an old man from Blighty here, i just fitted a GX AXS kit to my bike but hated the ugly 'gaping' holes that was left behind on my frame (Stumpy carbon 2021) from where the gear cable once passed through, i wanted to fill/plug these but Specialized could not help me, so i bought some of these in 5.5mm and they worked a treat!! >> Black Snap-on Silicone Rubber Blanking End Caps Tube Inserts Plug Bung 5mm-20mm | eBay <<, hopefully someone finds this useful.
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Lots of threads on this. Here’s one:

I asked my LBS and they had some frame plugs they gave me for free.
Normal RTV silicone is more easily removable, but doesnt come in array of colors.
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