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BMW have just come out with a major update of their X3 SUV (see This new X3 (F25 platform) replaces the previous E83 platform X3.

The E83 X3 had a great interior bike rack accessory (see and here for photos

Some reasons to consider an interior bike rack:

1) You can park your car with bikes inside in public places without having to worry that your bikes will be stolen.

2) There is less drag and noise than with a roof cycle rack.

3) Better overhead clearance than with a roof cycle rack (eg for entering underground parking lots or ferries).

The E83 interior bike rack will not fit in the new X3 (F25 platform) cargo area because the sliders that secure the rack to the luggage compartment rails are fixed and the F25 rails are about 2 inches narrower than those in the E83.

Currently, BMW does not have any plans to update the E83 interior bike rack to fit the new 2011 F25 X3 due to limited demand for the E83 cycle rack.

Joe W., Product Manager X3 and 3 Series for BMW North America, where the new X3 will be manufactured for global distribution, has agreed to push for development of this rack if there is sufficient demand. BMW needs to sell approximately 200 X3s with this rack to break even on the development costs for a new rack.

PLEASE FILL OUT THIS POLL to tell Joe you are interested in an interior cycle rack for the F25 X3. Joe will receive an email with each poll response.

Remember to forward the poll link to anyone else you think might be interested.
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