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I'm currently riding a Blur with a bit light setting. But since I'm a bit on the light side (138lbs), I sometimes go huck with my friends to so DH trial, and never manage to break anything.

I'm using the Hayes HFX9-XC with 160mm XT rotor. A fine brake which worked for me for over 20months without any problem (didn't even bleed it...). But I would like to have some more power and modulation, and I knew there are lot of brakes which can meet my need.

I'm considering between the Hayes HFX Mag-plus, Avid Juicy Seven and Magura Marta.

The hayes, I choose it because since my 20months experience of the HFX9, I build up confidence on it and would like to have a Hayes with such a light weight!

The juicy, however, sounds like have the greatest performance (very adjustable, good power and modulation), but it was on the heavy side, around 440g w/160. If all the review about its great performance is true, will he extra weight worth it?

The marta, simply light weight! But I've heard some bad and serious problem with it, like the lever will be a little bit sticky to the piston in heavy mud...etc. But some other reviews said it has the best power and modulation on it. So, how does it comes to YOU and what you think?

P.S. No matter I choose which setup, the price will be the same, as I found multiple source to buy them so the price of these three to me is the same...
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