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One of our own has made the semi-final cut of the Santa Cruz Hellride 5 contest. The field has been narrowed down to 16 men, 4 of which will be able to compete against Mark Weir and his Merry Men to win a new Santa Cruz Nomad...of course he'll have to suffer a bit first.

I met Kevin quite a few years back at the top of Millcreek Canyon, poised and ready to ride Pipeline. Although he seemed a bit crass at first, he definitely had a serious passion for mountain bikes, so we agreed to ride with a group up in Park City the following weekend.

On the ride up Parley's he laid out an abbreviated version of his entire life to me which seemed pretty bold having just met. To be honest I wanted to bail and run as far away from this guy as possible. Plus, I didn't think he could ride having been to hell and back already. I couldn't have been further from the truth. Kevin is one of the better riders we have in the state, but having been dealt a full deck of bad cards he hasn't had his 15 minutes of fame yet. The guy trains on both mountain and road bikes like he is about to enter the Tour followed by a 24 hour event. Last year he took 1st in the Men's 40-49 Open Super D at the NORBA Deer Valley event....and the list goes on.

Last year Kevin lost his job of 3 years when the housing market fell out in Salt Lake and was forced to move to Washington to live with his parents. He's been looking for steady work since then, riding and taking care of his new rescued black lab.

Even if you don't like his story, the mere fact that he's not from Colorado or California like the rest of the 15 should be motivation enough.

You can click on this link to vote. You'll need a valid email address and will have to click on the link that will be sent to you via email after you vote to make it count.

I'm sure Kevin thanks you in advance.

Kevin w/Mark Wier at Gooseberry Mesa early 2008


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Vote for the candidate of your choice. But please get the facts straight. Not all the rest of the gluttons for punishment are from Colorado or California. Ahem....

It does say Boise, Idaho right below my name. While we have had a huge influx of Californians in the last 10 years, Idaho is still Idaho. Just in the interest of accuracy. :D

quote from slcrockymountainrider "...Even if you don't like his story, the mere fact that he's not from Colorado or California like the rest of the 15 should be motivation enough....."
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