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I would say ride them both and buy the one that feels better to you. You should check out more models and manufacturers if that's an option. Lots of things can be changed on a bike post-purchase, but frame size is not one of them.

Ride the heck out of whatever bike you buy, and then as parts break you can replace them. Both of these rigs are solid enough to get you out on the singletrack.

P.S. I used to own and love a Genesis hardtail.

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If humanly possible, find both in person and try them for cockpit feel, a test ride is the ideal, but at the very least you should be trying to check the cockpit feel.

They'll feel very different due to the genesis geometry on the fisher, which you may or may not like.

If you dont mind my asking, why these two specifically?

The prices are a decent amount apart considering, and there are alot of other bikes out there in the rough price range we're talking about.

The ideal advice is to try knocking up a shortlist of 4 or 5 bikes that you like the look of and go and find them. By sitting on a few, youll get a pretty good idea of which two to shoot out over (sometimes, its even simpler than that).
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