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1. Not seeing much compressing into the face of the jump, instead you are relying too much on pulling up hard. On the approach you want to drive your weight down into the ramp and compress whatever you can into it. Then, you rise up just as you are exiting the lip. The more of this part you do is called boosting and can give you more vertical (and thus more horizontal) height. Ideally you compress into the face, then upcompress at the lip but only to return to the neutral position. Exaggerating the motion beyond that can give you even more vert but also has a better chance of going wrong. You appear to not be compressing much and instead pulling up way too hard. Try backing off the pulling and putting more compression in.
2. On some of the landings, you can adjust the attitude of the bike by scooping the pedals up to bring the back end up. This will keep your body in a neutral position while achieving the necessary adjustments so the bike lands level with the landing. You are driving the bars down to get the nose of the bike to dip which then puts you at the rear of the bike with arms full extended and again not in a neutral position to land squarely.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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