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Hi everyone!

I'm thinking about buying this GF Tassajara, and I would like to know what year it is. It's on Craigslist, and the owner bought it used about five years ago but doesn't know how old it was then. I have looked through all of the bike archives available on the GF website but don't see anything that looks like it, so I'm thinking it's from the 90s? I also have not been able to find anything similar to it anywhere on Google, which worries me a little since that probably means it's really old??

Additionally, any advice on whether this would be a good buy or not would be highly appreciated as well (the owner is asking $85, which seems like a really good deal to me). I'm going to look at it tomorrow, but really have no idea what I'm looking at lol...

Thanks in advance! :)

- Amy -


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