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Please help find a GF SuperCal 2002

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I'm dreaming of a Gary Fisher SuperCal 29"-er frame and fork. Not the new FS one, but the older HT. Does anyone know any place to get one? All demo bikes I found on the internet have been long sold, but I really want that frame (ideally, with a fork :)).

I found one really good deal here, but that frame+fork are already sold.

Did anyone see deals like that around? Please let me know if you did!
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If you have to have that 2002 red/blue/yellow paint job it's one thing, but the 2002-2004 hardtails are all basically the same frame. The Mt. Tam, X Caliber, and Supercaliber from those years are identical 29er frames, just different paint-powder. Lots of 'em show up on the 29er board or the bay.

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