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Nice to see P-Ridge getting a little love. VOCAL is a great outfit, if anyone is interested.


Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

April 19-21

East Bay Regional Park District

The Project Team for Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park, led by Jeff Chilcott, has been working hard putting together a thorough plan for a rewarding weekend in the East Bay in mid-April.

This will be a straightforward new trail construction project, turning an existing "social" trail into an up-to-spec multi-use trail on the edge of this park.

Spring projects risk being rained out, and having learned our lesson last year, we have scheduled a rain date for the following weekend, April 26-28.

Register today to reserve your spot and help V-O-Cal get off to a great start in 2013!

Volunteers for Outdoor California


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This project is one of the first in EBRPD which supports the development of narrow trails. It is the result of a lot of time and energy by local mountain bikers who attended multiple meetings involving the Pleasanton Ridge LUP. It was this new approach that has made this work an accepted tactic for trail work in these parks.

What we do here will lay the foundations for future trails.

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ran into the same issue last week while trying to enlist myself and my son - 0 spots available...received an email yesterday evening saying good news some spots have opened up but i had by then made alternate plans...good luck out there its gonna be warm

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Worked on the re-route of the "social trail" to move it away from a riparian area. Saw a few BTCEB guys but we were in different groups, in my group of 8 I was the only biker. It was well attended event and the camp site is a future staging area. At some point there will be a Los Positas entry point to the park. The next event is at Henry Coe.
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