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Pleasanton Bike Park kid friendly?

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WheelsJr (just turned 6) is killing it on his "Green 16". He loves riding at Shells but it's a bit of a haul for us and he wants more table tops to ride up and drop off. How kid-friendly is the Pleasanton bike park? Does it get really crowded, lots of attitude? He's been riding park-like scenes since he was 3 on the like-a-bike so he knows how to handle himself, but I don't want to get him stoked on the ride over and then have it turn out to be way over his head.
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the dirt jump park on Stanley? I go by it 3-4 times a day, deserted except for weekends and even then it never looks too crowded
There's nothing there that you can't just ride over. There's a small "track" on the side closest to the street. You start on a hill and roll into a couple small jumps, take a hairpin berm to the right some more small jumps, berm to the ends near a picnic table. On the other side there's a couple sets of doubled tabletops. they're rollable but have slight humps and a dip in the middle.

It isn't very big and but you could go once and see if he really likes it. I used to work nearby and went after work a few times. If I wanted to get a similar workout I'd head to Calabazas (even though I don't like the flow there) since it's closer to me (South Bay).

Go for it and have fun! :thumbsup:
it's been a while, that place really died. everything's rounded off by the rain and it's all roll-able. there might be a lot of ruts and rocks now...

who's down to get some work done there?
sweet - thanks for the info! :thumbsup: Rounded is good, since the 16" wheels won't don't like sharp lips on the bumps and tables. If it's not raining we'll check it out tomorrow.

I might be down for a work day there, altho during trailworks season my few available days usually get devoted to Demo.
Went for a couple of hours with WheelsJr today, it was great. I should have brought my 20" instead of the Nomad, but the little man had an awesome time. There was a lot more variety than I expected - thanks for the info!
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