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play in your top shock mount?

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I anyone else getting a small amount of play developing in their top shock mount?

I have a stock Fox Float propedal and a PUSHd RP3. I noticed that when I lifted the bike I felt a small clunk. Inspection led me to the upper shock mount. I swapped shocks but the play is still there. Both shocks had new bushings in November when I got the bike.

Is it possible that my upper shock spacer is out of spec? Has anyone else seen this?

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Check to see if it and/or the bolt are/is bent.
I bet its your top DU bushing/bearing. Mine are completely shot after 10 months, I should've replaced them sooner. To get 7-8 months seems about right. The top DU sees a lot of rotation during suspension movement.

I'm getting the CTS bushing tool for mine.

It's the DU Bushings. I made a simple tool but that one from CTS is cool. The only thing I doubt someone can do it by hand. It's a press fit that requires more leverage then holding it in the hand. One word of caution when replacing the bushings.....make sure the slot on the outter metal casing is facing for or aft (left or right) as you look at the side of the bike.
YES.... it happened to me

I had a set of shock spacers that were out of spec when I got my 5/6" rockers. I sent them back and the new set was still a little loose. So I machined my original spacers to fit the larger bolt. A pain in the arse but the tolerances are really tight, one or two thousandths will make all the difference. In my case it was a new shock and hence not the eyelet bushings on the shock.
FYI, I just bought 20 DU bearings from Motion Industries for $.73/ea. They don't have the same red coating as the Fox DUs, but are exactly the same as the Cane Creek DUs. For the price, even if they only last 1/3 as long, its still worth it.

I'd have said it was the shock eyelet DU bush too, but it seems like a coincidence that both have worn out at exactly the same time. It should be pretty obvious when you push the spacer in whether it's loose in the bush or not.
Just recently I have noticed some new frames with a little play in the top bush. I dont use Fox DU bushings and find if I replace the new bush with a different make then they are as they should be. If the bush that Fox is fitting is only slightly larger than of old then you will really feel it when you gently move the bike up and down with your hand. Bearing suppliers can supply those bushes and that will hopefully sort that little play out for you.
The upper bushing was toast on the RP3 on my El Cap in under 6 months. It's annoying, but doesn't hurt anything - I confirmed this with Sherwood.

For whatever reason, it has been prevalent on Fox shocks - not sure if they use different bushing mfrs from the other makers.

I've had new bushings for a while but haven't installed due to the PITA of doing it with homemade solutions.

I'm going to get one of those CTS tools. Very sweet.
Soup, if you get through to CTS, can you ask them when is the best time to call to reach someone?


On a related note, I'm not sure what size bushing the Fox uses but the Manitou shocks use 12mm (technically, they're 12.5mm, but whatever). I bought the Manitou bushing tool from Chad at Red Barn and while not as pretty as the CTS, it does the job. I don't remember, but I think the tool (P/N 85-6075) was only like $20. Bushings (P/N 85-6105) were $2 a pair.

Pic of the tool and bushings below. The threaded end is used to push out the bushing and the other end is used to insert the bushings. A 6mm hex wrench fits into either end of the screw. I can change my upper (the only one that ever seems to wear) with the shock on the bike. Instead of using a bench vise (and taking the shock off), I just hold the tool body with a 1in. adjustable wrench and get more than enough leverage. Like others, I get about 6 months out of the bushings, so the grass isn't any greener on the other side of the fence.


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Fox bushings are 16mm OD. I've heard Fox sells something similar to what you got from Manitou, but I've never seen one. At this point I've about given up on CTS.. :confused:

ohpossum said:
Fox bushings are 16mm OD.
Well, that sucks. Can't use that tool then. That explains why the CTS tool is advertised for both 12 and 16 mm sizes. Most people are probably looking for the 16mm.
Thanks guys for all the help. I will probably just have the local shop press in a new bushing and see what happens. If that fixes it, I will pursue the cts tool for the future.

Thanks much,
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