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Plattekill mtn NY

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Here are a few shots from my first time riding Plattekill, there are some sizable drops there.
All in all it was an awesome day and I am ready to go back and do it again a few more times this year:thumbsup:

This was pretty big, at least 10 ft in the air. It starts with some steep woodwork to get on top of the boulder then after the landing you have a quick left hander berm. I didnt do it this time but when I come back I might have my game face on when I see it!

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I miss platty :( lucky.
I will be back there some day for sure.
No, unfortunately, but at the last race they said they would be open Monday 7/6 with several bike companies in attendance for demoing...7/6 seems odd as most people are off 7/3.
I am amazed that is a pretty big mistake on their part. Monday should be pretty slow.
Glad you enjoyed platty.

Next time try to find the drednought drop and the road gap. They are both huge launches but very easy on the bike and body once you get over the fear factor.
Nice Shiver !!!!!

oh and the pics are cool too
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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