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Platform Pedals

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Hi all,

Newer member here and been lurking while researching a new bike. Just picked up a leftover 2010 Rumblefish ll and am excited to get out riding again. Did some searching for platform pedals and came up with alot of choices so I am going to ask what people are happy with. I will be doing mostly XC/Singletrack, nothing too extreme to start. Live in Phoenix so it will be alot of rocky desert type of terrain.

Some of the ones I have looked up are...
Crank Bros
Canfield Bros
Point one

What are your favorites and why?
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ditch the platforms and go clipless. you won't regret it!
I am on my second set of Azonic 420 and love them. They are great bike bling. Pricepoint has a good price on them.

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Some big differences in price points there...better start with something affordable & go from there. If you find that they're your thing, you can always upgrade if necessary.

I prefer the lo-profile ones (I ride the Point1) and feel everyone should learn to ride platforms before supplementing their riding with clipless pedals.
I've had the Azonic 420 and Answer Rove and they were ok. Currently on the Blackspire Sub4 and the only thing I can see "upgrading" to would be the Point1. The Blackspires are fantastic:)
For the price and reviews, I ordered some of these (in white): . Haven't rode them yet, they are arriving tomorrow. A friend that has them on a DH 26er really likes them.
vertible said:
What are your favorites and why?
From your list, I would comment that the Canfield Bros crampons are awesome, and that I personally find the Crank Brothers 50/50s very underwhelming in terms of grip.

I would add the Twenty6 Prerunners to your list -
Super spendy, but incredibly light and the stickiest pedal I've ridden. I've got a pair of both the CroMo and Ti spindles, and have ridden the hell out of both. The replicable traction pins are a double edges sword - you will have to eventually replace some of them, but in doing so your pedals are always uber-sticky. I've come to love this feature.

Also, I would throw in the Brooklyn Machine Works Vegiburgers -
They're heavy, but indestructible and also we-todd-edly sticky. Really indestructible.

either way, I would also strongly advise that you tee up some shin guards, becauce hamburger-shin sucks.
Ringle zuzu.
Traditional open design, sealed bearings, lightweight, replaceable pins roughly $60 msrp.
I ride atomlab trailpimps on my trialsbike, but eggbeaters on
my xc bikes.
+1 for the Wellgo MG-1's , Large,Light and plenty of traction. Sealed bearings and can be had for under $50. Or if you want really light the also come with Ti spindles for $75
i use sunringle zuzu's on my xc ride, love em.
Ringles and zuzus and wellgos along with a few others zuse the same pedal casting, it's a traditional design where the patent ran out and worked so well other companies picked it up n ran with it..
get the 5-ten footwear first.

then any of them are better
In both the All Mountain forum and the Clydesdale forum, I think I remember seeing long threads on platform pedals. Tons of great info. Go search because I'm too lazy to find the links.
Sunline V-1s on my bikes. I've tried Wellgo MG-1 and CB 50/50 and like the Sunlines MUCH MUCH better, though when I had the Sunlines without 5.10s and on my hardtail, just wearing skate shoes, I didn't like them (nor any other platforms). My feet would just be jarred right off from all the bumps. The Sunlines have a nice balance of pyramid shapes combined with pins for the best grip on platforms I ever had and a wide stable platform. Their only downside is the weight, being over 500g/pr. The wide platform might be a downside too, if you ride narrow spaces between rocks at speed, as they can clip and throw you off balance (np if you have a strong core and balance--I just ride it through).

Five Ten shoes are virtually a must. You appreciate them when you try to climb up steep technical rock faces and get hung up or pedal strike and need to hop off. I would hesitate riding the same thing on clipless. I'm talking steep... so steep if you fell off, you'd be tumbling down until it got flat.

The combination of platforms and 5.10s is where it's at. It made me give up clipless, which I used to promote as well. I've no regrets. I tried clipless again and my ankles just couldn't handle being locked into place and bothered me for the first 15 minutes. Unlimited float and feet positions is a very nice feeling. I don't miss the pedaling efficiency and the 300g isn't a big deal. The only thing I really miss is the ability to lift the rear with a little more extra force--it really did feel like cheating and I haven't been able to skill up enough yet to do it spontaneously while riding, though in practice I do well. Relying on that can be disastrous though... a majority of times I accidentally unclipped and my foot flew, I ended up in a bad situation. Clipless is a double edged sword, it seems. I have them on my HT, but I'll only take my HT on smooth tame trails and XC courses and use my FS for everything else.

BTW, I like your taste in bikes. I was after the Rumblefish, but got a deal on an used Superfly 100 instead and basically have 2 sets of components for it. One for trail (includes an adj seatpost and heavier tires) and one for XC. I had a new set of Sunlines for sale, but I am considering putting them on my HT or replace the 50/50s on my AM bike.
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jayboyd said:
I am on my second set of Azonic 420 and love them. They are great bike bling. Pricepoint has a good price on them.

That looks like a salsa la cruz fork with a big apple 28 x 2.0 in it, to me. Is it??
The crown jewel -- a Straitline platform. This thing is HUGE. The peanut headed moron that sold 'em to me (never buy bike stuff from a woman) put the pins on for free 2 days ago. You can see that two have come out.

The beater that works and works well: Specialized Lo Pro Mag 2. I've dropped the chain tons of times and my leg has stayed on. No crotch boinks, yet, in 3 years. Feet stay planted.
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I just got a pair of Azonic 420's, they work well, and aren't as tall as some other pedals.

I rode a bike with a set of Canfield Crampons last week. They are awesome - light, thin, and grippy. They lower your riding height while improving ground clearance. I ride a 4x rig with a low BB - I am going to pick up a set of Crampons for it.
Thanks for the responses!

Wow, there is a pedal to fit every price point and aesthetic. I do know I want to start off with platforms while I work on my riding skills. May look into clipless later on.
The pedals with more aggressive pins look like the way to go and the suggestion of shin pads makes sense to avoid getting ripped up.

The Five Ten shoes sound like a no brainer. I will be in Long Beach next week and see there is a Five Ten dealer near there. Will have to stop in and try some on.

Really do like a thinner profile and weight is not a big issue as I need to lose a few pounds anyway. :)
Did some more reading based on some suggestions and am narrowing down to ...

Point 1 Podium
Canfield Brothers Crampons
Blackspire sub4
Twenty6 Prerunners
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There's someting to be said for taking a few shinburgers up front and getting trained right, no pads needed after that.
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