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platform pedals for tubby?

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What brand of platform pedal is recommend for a heavy weight rider with a 12.5 shoe size? I ride mosty on the street and some horse trails in the neiborhood. Im on a budget ( the automotive business is not what it use to be :madman: ) maybe a link to a place topurchase also.. This would be for my 2002 Stumpjumper.. thanks
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i'm riding some welgo's though i'm not sure of their exact brand. just huge huge beartraps. as it seems looking at sites not a lot of people use welgo, but seeing as i rode them all the way from 340# down to 260#, through aggressive xc, i'm a fan. my bike shop's always had em, they work great, they're not a huge name brand from what i've seen, but hell i love em.

edit: never paid over 25 for a pair
Im on a set of MSHBKS platforms that im liking pretty well.
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