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I've been riding for years and years (raced BMX when I was a kid) and I was thinking of trying out racing Super-D this summer. Now I've never actually seen a Super-D race, I've only read about it and have had a couple people tell me a bit about it.

My questions are basically about gear and generally what to expect. (I already have a perfect bike - or so I've been told - a Yeti 575)

1. How much protective equipment is normal? Just XC style lycra and an XC helmet? Full DH body armor and full-face helmet? Or just a couple key pieces of armor?

2. It looks like the races around here (Colorado) are going to be LeMans starts. Is it important to try to get out in front at the start? Is there typically room to pass on the downhills? The uphills?

3. How technical are the race courses typically? Drop-offs? Rock gardens? Jumps? Or mostly smooth?

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