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I am riding one. I have not been able to get it out to some of the more adventurous trails, but here are my thoughts.

First, that video is pretty accurate. It is a good review. I do not have the same issue with rear hub engagement that is mentioned in the that is a positive.

-Comes pretty well assembled. I do wish they would have set up the dropper post, but it is not hard to do. There are instructions on the Xfusion website and videos on YouTube. It was my first dropper post, so I can assure you that almost anyone can do it.
-Reasonable components. NX Eagle is smooth. Race Face bar and stem are not the top of the pack, but they are nice. Fork and shock are solid options.
-Tracks very well and is predictable. Once I get the suspension dialed, I have no worries about being able to push my skill level on the trail (safely, of course).
-Seems to be set up for Enduro pretty well, but it would be just as comfortable as an adventurous trail bike. It's not so specific that it is not versatile.

-The wheels are Airborne branded, and seem to be on-par with many other branded wheelsets (Specialized, etc). I just am not 100% sold on them yet. Nothing to really complain about, but if there seems to be a point that I am a bit more concerned about-this is it. We will see how they hold up....I hope to be pleasantly surprised. They seem durable and roll well.
-Tires. The Kendas are ok. Decent grip on what I have ridden so far. I would have preferred Maxxis Minion. It's a personal choice.
-No chainstay guard or frame guard. They have a great graphic on the seatpost that would have been a great detail to use as a frame guard and chainstay guard. (hint: great aftermarket idea for Airborne if you don't want to include it).

Bottom Line: Many have said that there are some great bikes in this price range, and it is true. A few may be better spec'ed and seem to be better buys. Maybe they are. I know that I am excited about this bike, and can't wait to really take it out. You can't expect it to have every single preferred spec, but it is solid and I am confident that it is going to be a great bike.

(Pro-tip that I wish I would have caught, and you want carbon....
They have the demo bikes on crazy sell. I wish I would have saw this, even though I really did want 27.5, I may have taken advantage this deal !)

I will post a better review after I get it out (and get a bit more comfortable on flat pedals) and get more miles on it.

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Sounds like a pretty good setup. Your assessment falls pretty well in with Vital's review.
I use to have one of Airbornes TiHag singlespeed frames years back that I rode for several years. I looked at these but figured not really needing(admittedly wanted tho..)all that travel and ended up ordering a Marin Hawk Hill 27.5 for my trail riding use w/130 fr/120rr travel. It arrived on monday and is in que to be built and ready for pickup by end of the week.
Looking forward to getting it out on the trails to see how it compares to the 5010 I had previously.
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