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Nothing too exhilerating, but nice ride, and a gorgeous day...

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How dry was it up there? The one picture had a little mud in it but it didn't look that bad. Also that looked like one of those adjustable on the fly seatposts, which I have been admiring. Is yours the one that has the control on the bar or under the front of the seat, and how do you like it?
the only really bad spot is right where you leave the parking lot, (depending on which way you leave the lot), after that the mud is just here and there and totally manageable.

Post is a KS i950r, (remote on the bar is the way to go), I had problems with it initially (see my sig), but I think it was due to the red knurled collar coming loose and letting the post leak air. Since it was serviced it's been great. I'd hate to ride without one now! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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