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So a crew of friends and wives will be heading up from the DFW area in Texas to do a week and a half of riding. We are heading to Moab first, then Fruita, the Crested Butte. What I was wondering is if there are any good rides that we could stop for a day to do to break up the long drive to Moab. North NM would be best as that will be the direction we'll be going through. Any advice?

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Places to stop in NM

sherpaxc said:
Any advice?
Yeah, stop at my house and pick me up and take me with you!

Seriously, tho, most of our best stuff is snowed in right now. West of Abq is a fun ride called White Mesa, a guide would be helpful there. Farther west near Gallup is the High Desert Trail system.

When are you passing through?

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Lets see... if you come through on I40 you can hang a right on North 14. Ride King of the Mountain, 10K, Ellis or Faulty. Only a few miles away from I40. Cool temps up there in the summer. Or you could hang a left on South 14 and ride Otero, Tunnel or Cedro. Still just a few miles from the freeway. But the altitude is lower and won't stress your Texas lungs. All of the trails are listed in the trail section. Course I'm think'n you'll want to come by on your way back too.
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