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Places to ride at Table Rock State Park

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I was wondering if anyone can recommend some good spots to ride in that area?

I will be visiting that place next week with my roadie team for training camp, but I want to sneak out a bit and get some trail riding in. :)
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You may have to ask around for local knowledge. There are trails in that area, but none are marked, and many are of questionable legality.

The Palmetto Trail (it IS marked) which goes right through Table Rock State park was originally designed and built to be a multi -use trail. Most of the PT in SC is legal for bikes. But some aholes at the DNR who are in the back pocket of the hunting lobby made sure the section from Table Rock that goes toward Hwy 178 was closed to bikes. The Foothills trail also runs through there. Can't ride it either. There is a warren of double tracks in the area that I assume are legal.

See also the thread nearby about Rocky Bottom, but personnally I rather ride the road bike than those gravel roads.

Finally, It's not that far into Greenville to Paris mtn (any day but Saturday), or over Ceasar's Head to Dupont State Forest. Both of those have pretty sweet singletrack that is marked.

Which team?
Thanks for the info! Looks like I might have to drive up to Pisgah to get some rides in then. We're just a small local team called Rogues Racing. (
Check out the Issaqueena Trail system in the Clemson Experimental forest. I have a digital copy of the trail system map, but for the life of me i can't recall where I got it from. Send me PM and can send it to you.
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