Pivot Shuttle

What the Pivot Shuttle delivers over previous ebikes is riding experience.​

We've often wondered who would be the first among the boutique brands to offer an e-bike. Our questions have been answered as Chris Cocalis of Pivot designed a very intriguing machine. US buyers must wait though as the bike is only available in Europe at this time.

As we hung out with Chris Cocalis in Moab, UT during the spring, we asked him point blank when he would make an e-bike. He didn't confirm nor deny but just said that he's had an opportunity to try a lot of them in his local trails in Phoenix, AZ.

This was interesting to us because we consider Chris Cocalis to be one of the Top 3 bike designers in the world. He is an engineer with an unrestricted mind bent on building a better bicycle. He rides a lot and will only build bikes that are innovative and competitive. And with his track record and industry influence, he has the power to move mountains and standards to get a product built.

We've ridden over a dozen e-bikes and they've improved dramatically over the last few years. Born out of commuter e-bikes, they've evolved into better trail machines as their balance and components have improved. But they're still mostly over 50 lbs, flexy and have suspension inherited from normal pedal bikes.

We talked with Chris at length about the new Pivot Shuttle and he is genuinely excited about this introduction. He truly believes that they've built a better machine. The highlight of it is the legendary stiffness of the Pivot Switchblade and a DW-Link suspension specifically tuned for e-bikes. Chris said he tried all the major motor options out there and Shimano was the clear winner in terms of usability and performance. Couple that with a 44 lb weight which is 6 lbs lighter than most of the full suspension e-bike options available today.

Come explore with us and learn about the Pivot Shuttle.

Pivot Shuttle

The 44 lb 140/160mm travel e-bike from Pivot is a key introduction in the category.​

Pivot Shuttle Features

  • Complete bike weight 19.95kg, (44lbs)
  • 140mm dw-link™ rear suspension with Pivot's mid-travel e-MTB specific linkage design
  • Full carbon frame with molded composite motor casing and skid plate
  • Intuitive, quiet, Shimano Steps E8000 eMTB system
  • 150mm travel fork
  • 27.5"+ with 29" compatibility
  • Designed to fit up to 3" tires. Complete bikes spec'd with Maxxis REKON 2.8" Silk Shield tires
  • Features Pivot's next-generation long and low enduro/ trail geometry
  • Fox DPX 2 tuned specifically for eMTB
  • Sub-437mm (17.2") chainstays
  • 203mm front disc brake, 180mm rear post-mount disc brake
  • Pivot Cable Port system for easy internal routing of shifters, brakes and droppers and full Di2 Integration
  • Automotive quality gaskets with externally accessible charging ports
  • eMTB-specific DT Swiss wheelset for durability and power transfer
  • Ultra-quiet, low durometer rubberized frame and skidplate protection
  • Available in the widest range of sizes in eMTB - S, M, L, XL to fit riders from 162 to 200cm (5'4" to 6'7"+)

Pivot Shuttle

Pivot developed their own protection for the battery using different materials to optimize for impacts and noise at different spots.​

Word from the Manufacturer

At 19.9kg for a complete bike, the full carbon Shuttle sets a new benchmark for light weight, while the progressive geometry, perfectly balanced chassis and eMTB tuned dw-link™ suspension bring authentic pro-level enduro bike performance to the eMTB category. The Shuttle is a new way to mountain bike, making every rider feel like they're on their best day, and opening doors to a huge range of rides.

The Next Step in Mountain Biking

The heart of the design is a 140mm travel full carbon frame with fully integrated Shimano Steps E8000 pedal assist system. They've utilized their proprietary hollow core internal carbon molding process and custom-integrated Shimano's powerful battery system to create the most compact eMTB drive system available - fully encased inside the carbon downtube with a molded carbon composite skidplate for additional protection.

They've incorporated all the features you expect from a Pivot trail / enduro bike - long and low enduro/ trail geometry, 157mm Superboost Plus spacing for stiffness and tire clearance, sub-437mm short chainstays for effortless manuals, and dw-link suspension - tuned specifically for the demands of eMTB. The net effect is a chassis that both looks and rides exactly like any of Pivot's enduro bikes, at an incredibly low weight of just 19.95kg, (44lbs) to set a new standard for light weight in the eMTB category.

Pivot Shuttle

The Pivot Shuttle enables you to ride to the trail many miles away from your house.​

Shimano Steps E8000 - Intuitive MTB Pedal Assist

The Shimano Steps E8000 system is the first off-road specific pedal assist system, one that is truly complementary to a mountain biker's natural riding style. With no power lag and easy to use controls, the system responds to your pedaling in a way that is natural and fully integrated into the ride. The Shuttle enables you to confidently dominate terrain that other eMTBs can't touch, and makes rallying the climbs as much fun as it is to descend. You'll find yourself extending your rides and tackling routes you would not consider possible on a traditional mountain bike.

dw-link™ and Fox suspension for eMTB

dw-link™ suspension, combined with the Shimano pedal assist, is an ideal system for eMTB designs, allowing us to place pivot locations exactly where we needed them to produce the best suspension performance and to achieve the shortest chainstays (sub-437mm) on any eMTB. The dw-link's™ patented anti-squat characteristics are perfectly tuned to match the combined power output of the rider and the Shimano pedal assist system, for no bobbing under power. The Shuttle utilizes an eMTB-specific version of our mid-travel linkage, with a wider and burlier version of our rear shock pivot cartridge bearing design found in our longer travel clevis designs (such as the Firebird and Phoenix), giving it incredible small bump compliance and the extra traction needed to truly take advantage of the pedal assist system when you need it most.

This 140mm travel dw-link™ eMTB features a Fox DPX 2 custom-tuned for the Shuttle with higher levels of compression support, and includes bearings and linkages specifically engineered for the increased speeds and additional torque of pedal assist.

To match the Shuttle's rear suspension, we've paired it with the newest 160mm Fox 36 29er fork, giving you aggressive, balanced handling on every part of the mountain.

Pivot Shuttle

The new Float DPX2 is the ideal tool for the task at hand.​

Innovative Battery Integration

The Shuttle incorporates Shimano's most compact, powerful and lightest e-bike battery, mounted to a bottom-load, full carbon tray. When combined with automotive style gaskets and vibration damping materials, this innovative design enables us to create the most secure, compact, lightest, and strongest frame design possible. As an added bonus, this design enables easy accessibility and simple battery removal.

The Shuttle features externally accessible charging ports for easy charging without removing the battery, automotive quality gaskets and the Pivot Cable Port system for all cable and dropper routing, for a rattle free, incredibly quiet machine.

The Shuttle features externally accessible charging ports for easy charging without removing the battery, automotive quality gaskets and the Pivot Cable Port system for all cable and dropper routing, for a rattle free, incredibly quiet machine.

Frame Protection

The Shuttle frame incorporates a full carbon skid plate and thick rubber down tube protection, for maximum impact resistance and durability.


All system controls and power modes are easily accessible from the handlebar actuated levers and Shimano's easy to read display. Settings are also easily customizable via Shimano's E-tube project smart phone app.

The Widest Range of Sizes in eMTB

Because of the compact design of the battery housing, the Shuttle is available in a complete range of five sizes, from S-XL, to fit riders from 162 to 193cm (5'4" to 6'3"+). This wide range of sizing options also gives riders the ability to choose the reach that best fits their ride style - for a more playful feel, size down, for point and shoot stability over the most technical terrain, choose the longer reach.

Pivot Shuttle

There will be tons of energy left for alternate lines during the climb.​

Perfect eMTB builds from Pivot

Pivot complete bikes are more than the sum of their parts - every single component is selected to give you the best experience on the trail. In the case of the Shuttle, this means that every part has been carefully selected to provide the best combination of eMTB durability, ease of maintenance and light weight:
  • Wheels: The Shuttle is spec'd with an eMTB specific DT Swiss wheelset and Maxxis tires with Silk-Shield Technology. The DT Swiss EB1550 wheelset is custom designed for Pivot to accommodate the incredible torque produced by pedal assist systems. It features a SuperBoost 157mm hub that makes for a 30% stiffer wheelset over standard Boost designs, 24t engagement, and an overall design that focuses on strength while achieving the lightest weight possible. Co-developed with Pivot, the Maxxis Silk-Shield casing is far stronger and much lighter than a traditional downhill casing, and offers a more supple ride feel, for the best on-trail handling.
  • Drive Train: We chose the Shimano Steps E8000 system due to its compact drive unit design, lightweight and perfectly tuned assist that allows the rider to ride their eMTB just as naturally as you ride your non-assist bike. With Shimano you can have confidence in owning the highest quality product with service options just about anywhere in the world.
  • Tires: The Shuttle features Maxxis tires with new Silk Shield technology. Co-developed with Pivot, Silk Shield is stronger than a downhill casing, but much lighter, and with a supple ride feel for the best handling.
  • Cockpit: Custom designed Phoenix Components work as a system to enhance cockpit comfort and control on every Pivot bike. To learn more about how these components enhance the quality of your ride, see here.
  • Saddle: Pivot bikes feature WTB saddles that are specially made with the best, most durable, memory foam and feature a special hidden cutout for long ride comfort.
We take quality and workmanship seriously at Pivot, and know that the details are what make a great rider experience. Every Pivot Cycles frame undergoes an extensive assembly and quality control process to ensure that every ride on the Shuttle exceeds your expectations

Pivot Shuttle

Using the Shimano E-8000 system, the display is very discreet.​


Which size bike should I purchase?
To ensure the best sizing, we recommend that you visit your local Pivot dealer to get a professional fit and refer to our geometry chart to check your measurements. We can, however, provide a rough guideline to get you started. These recommendations are based on our experience, athlete preference and customer feedback:

Small: 5'4" - 5'7"
Medium: 5'7" - 5'11"
Large: 5'11" - 6'2'
X-Large: 6'2" +

We suggest that you pick your Shuttle size based on your riding style. The Shuttle features trail bike long and low geometry with shorter seat tube measurements per size - this geometry means that most riders can go up or down a size and should base their choice on riding-style, reach and stem length preferences. Be sure to also consult our dropper post fit guide when making your selection. You can always reach out to us on Live Chat for additional guidance.

What dropper post length should I use on my Shuttle?
The Shuttle features a low stand-over height and short seat tubes to allow the use of longer travel dropper posts and/or more flexibility for a wider range of rider sizes.

The Shuttle comes equipped with a 125mm FOX dropper on the small frame size and 150mm dropper on the Small-X-Large. There are some limitations that each dropper post can accommodate for each frame size based on the individual rider's saddle height. Use the linked guide to determine if the included dropper post will work correctly for the size bike that you are considering. Often times this can be a helpful tool in deciding which size bike to choose as well: https://www.pivotcycles.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Mach55Carbon-Dropper-Fit-Guide.pdf

Pivot Shuttle

Is an e-bike ok to jump?​

How do I set up the suspension on my Shuttle?
We make it easy to get the best ride out of your Pivot bike with a simple sag indicator already installed on your bike, and this follow-along video featuring our own Bernard Kerr: https://vimeo.com/pivotcycles/sag.
There is also a complete shock set up guide included in your Shuttle's owners manual that can also be accessed here: https://www.pivotcycles.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Shuttle-Owners-Manual_08-18-2017.pdf

Can I remove the battery if I need to charge it off the bike?
Although the Shuttle battery is designed to be fully integrated into the frame without the need to remove it for charging, it can still be removed in about 1-2 minutes with the use of a 4mm hex wrench. A full battery swap can even be performed on the trail in about 5 minutes for those wanting to carry an additional battery for those extra long adventures. We've included simple instructions showng how to remove the battery in your Shuttle's owner's manual that can also be accessed here: https://www.pivotcycles.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Shuttle-Owners-Manual_08-18-2017.pdf

Pivot Shuttle

It is an e-bike but you may forget that on some descents.​

What hub/wheel spacing does the Shuttle use?
The Shuttle uses a 157mm rear hub spacing in a configuration called Super Boost Plus 157. Super Boost Plus 157 builds on the idea of wider flange spacing pioneered by Boost 148. Super Boost Plus spreads the flanges even wider (up to 14mm wider then a 142mm hub) and increases wheel stiffness substantially (Approximately 30% stiffer than boost), which is a huge benefit on eMTB wheels. Our custom developed DT EB1550 wheels on the Shuttle take eMTB wheel strength, stiffness and lightweight to another level.

So, what exactly is Super Boost Plus 157?
Super Boost Plus 157 uses the existing chainline developed for DH bikes but uses standard Shimano E8000 compatible cranks and chainrings. Super Boost Plus 157 optimizes the entire eMTB system by moving the drivetrain outboard (3mm over Boost) resulting in increased tire and mud clearance, a stiffer overall frame design and the ability to run shorter chainstays*. The Super Boost Plus 157 idea has enabled us to build the New Shuttle with a level of performance unattainable with other designs in the market.

* Ultra Short Sub-437mm (17.2") chainstays perfectly complements the Shuttle's long and low stature allowing you to manual up and over even the gnarliest obstacles while keeping the wheelbase length in check so that you can still clean tight switchbacks and rail corners with confidence and agility like you've never experienced before.

What is the thread pitch on the rear axle?
Pivot uses a 1.5 thread pitch on the rear thru axle. You can order one through our online store.

What size seatpost does the Shuttle use?
The Shuttle frame uses a 30.9mm seatpost.

Pivot Shuttle

The Pivot Shuttle obviously did not hold Aaron Chase back.​

What travel fork can I use on my Shuttle?
The Shuttle was designed for either a 150mm or 160mm fork. The Shuttle comes spec'd with a 150mm travel fork that can be increased in travel to 160mm. The maximum travel length that can be used on the Shuttle is 160mm travel.

What is the fork offset on the Shuttle?
The fork offset on the Shuttle is 51mm.

How wide of a tire can I run on the Shuttle?
The Shuttle can run 27.5"+ tires up to 3" inches and 29" wheels/tires up to 2.4".

How large of a rotor will fit on the Shuttle?
The Shuttle was designed for a 180mm rear rotor and features a 180mm post mount design so you cannot fit a 160mm rotor on the Shuttle.
The front brake comes with a 203mm rotor, which uses a 180mm-to-203mm post mount adapter.

If I want to run a different brand of shock on my Shuttle, what else do I need to know?
The Shuttle shock uses M8 through bolt hardware on the front and no hardware on the rear. Shock spacer dimensions are 36mm wide front. On the rear of the shock, the spacer hardware and bushing will need to be removed as the rocker mounts directly to the shock body. Some shocks may have a different spec then the Fox shock (that the Shuttle is designed for) and may not fit properly. Also, as we cannot test every shock on the market, riders assume some risk if they choose a shock that does not fit properly or is not tuned correctly for the bike. The frame is designed around a large volume air can. We run medium compression valving and medium rebound damping.

Can I put a coil-over shock on my Shuttle?
You cannot run a coil-over on your Shuttle! The Shuttle was designed to work with the progressiveness of an air spring. A coil-over shock (even one with separate bottoming control) does not offer the progressive spring curve that the Shuttle requires. Running a coil-over shock on the Shuttle will result in hard bottoming and damage to the frame.