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Pivot Mach 5 vs. Santa Cruz BLT-2 x-post SC Board

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I've narrowed my next bike choice down to these two bikes. I'm your basic trail rider/XC rider. I'm not a big air guy but I am a bug guy (as far as cycling is concerned). I'm 225 lbs and don't race anymore but am considering trying an endurance race later in the year with friends. I like a bike that is VERY efficient but am leaning towards a 5" bike because of comfort and forgiveness.

Anyway, I took a short parking lot ride on a BLT and it seemed to pedal pretty well, and what bump I could find and it swallowed them.

I took a ride on a Pivot on the Pivot demo days for about 20 minutes on trails. It felt heavy and did pedal or absorb bumps particularly well. The reason I am still considering this bike is the overwhelming reviews I read and talk I hear from people who own them. Most of what I have heard is that they pedal great and absorb impacts like no other. The Pivot I demoed had HUGE tires way bigger than what I would ever put on my bike so that might have had a pretty big impact on efficiency.

Finally I would just like to hear a few opinions from people who really own and ride these bikes daily.

1. Does anyone know what a Large Pivot Mach 5 really weighs?
2.What are your opinions on how each of these bikes pedal and absorb impacts.
3.What reliability issues have you had with bikes?
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