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Pivot 429 options for Cranksets??? bb30/100mm shell

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I looking to see what options for cranksets for the 429 are....I know about the shimano's...what else can be used? specifically light weight stuff? or what are the requirements for fitting?

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The shell is 92mm wide and uses a pressfit BB but not a BB30 setup. Other than Shimano you could use a RaceFace Next or similar crank. If you really want to go nuts then there's always XX...
Pivot should use a BB30 then any crank can be run!
I was running a Deus XC crank with great results. I recently switched to 2x9 and picked up a set of ROTOR 3D 2x9 cranks w/ Q-Rings. Shifting is spot on, chainline is better and w/ Eggbeater 4ti pedals the overall Q-Factor is low. 110/74 offers a nice variety of gearing options too. Currently 27/40 but might change it out to 26/38 with Standard rings in the future.

The total package weighs 673g w/ the steel axle. I could lighten it up with standard rings but I'm like the Q-Rings.

Check em out!
I'm running Race Face Next SL's with FRM rings.
614g with pressfit BB, 630gms with standard BB


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MTBOaxaca said:
Pivot should use a BB30 then any crank can be run!
BB30 on a Pivot design would be impossible. It wouldn't provide enough real-estate for welding and linkage...

Any Shimano Compatible crank can be used. SRAM now makes a press fit BB unit for their XX crank. Now you can run the gambit on crank choices!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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