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Pitch Pro Opinions? Looking to Upgrade

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Just got into biking last year and started with a 2008 Rockhoppper Comp Disc.
I got hooked in a big way and am now looking to get into a full suspension bike. I live in western Colorado (Fruita) and ride in just about every type of terrain iimaginable and live for the downhill side of any climb, regardless of how rough.

The guy at the LBS who helped me get into biking said that with the type of riding I am getting into as my skill level advances, and the places I ride, an All Mountain bike is what I need to look at for my next ride, and given the budget I have to work with, that the Pitch Pro would be the best bike for the buck for me.

They have steered me right so far and have treated me well on service, add ons for my existing bike, etc., so I have noo reason too doubt their inpput, but just wanted to get a little more feed back on the bike.

I am a big guy (6'2 and 230) and he says I shoould look at this bike as it is sturdiier than a lot of the other bikes on its proice range and will hold up to the kinds of stuff I like too ride.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?
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I can't comment on the Pitch Pro, but also try out the Yeti 575, Turner RFX, Kona Coilair. There are a number of other All Mountain 6" bikes to also try.
love mine...

I too have a pitch pro, last years model.
Its a hellva bargin.

I rode the the new pivot firebird for a few days out at moab an thought it was awesome, but not at twice plus the price of the pitch. Anyway I ended up buying the pitch pro and every ride I am amazed how versatile it is. It can handle alot.......
I know a guy bigger than you and a guy who weighs about 170 who both own pitch pros and love those bikes. I personally think they are too heavy and have way more suspension than I need, but you sure get alot of bike for the money.
The Pitch Pro is a good option at the price point, but do not rule out Santa Cruz Heckler (D AM Build), or Giant Reign. Scrub_Lover has a Pitch Comp (custom build) and has many posts about it. You should search on him and Pitch.
Don't walk, run to buy this bike!

We just bought one for my wife and she loves it. We live in Denver, so the terrain will be similar. The bike pedals up hill well, and descends great. I think it rides just as well as my Enduro SL, but there's just a small weight penalty. Save up some cash and eventually put a lighter wheelset and this bike will last you a really long time.
I found myself in the same situation a couple of months ago. I had a Fisher hardtail which was great on single track and felt efficient but twitchy and unstable at faster speeds on technical trails. I bought a Pitch Pro as the ticket for more technical terrain and faster speeds and it most certainly delivers everything I was wishing for.

Uphills are smoother than my hardtail, definitely not as efficient as my hardtail but easier if it's bumpy... as long as you have a relatively smooth pedal stroke and don't smash or hammer sloppily out of your seat it will climb with no problems. However the bike handles a bit clumsy when it's slow and tight but that's to be expected with the long chainstays, slack head angle, and long wheelbase. These combined make it spectacular on the downhill and faster speed as all help in stability.

It's equipped decently and expected for a sub 2 grand bike, no real weaknesses that I feel I need to throw money right at this moment at other than the cockpit fit and comforts (the stock saddle is junk).

Overall it's certainly more than enough bike for me for now and the attitude of the bike promotes more technical terrain and going more aggressive. It's certainly not more agile than my hardtail but much burlier and more composed for the rough stuff.
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I just got an 08 pitch pro and love it.

I had an 09 gt force 3.0 and just didn't feel comfortable on the bike... it was top heavy in feel and very clumbsy. I sold the force and bought an 08 pitch pro for 1700 bux and rode it twice this weekend and I am in love with it.

I was very impressed with it's ability to descend high speed and even technical descents. Not suprised really due to the 140mm fork and the AM/DH style geometry. What did suprise me was it's ability to climb. This bike climbs so much better than the force 3.0 it's unreal. Honestly it's a totall different league.

I find this bike amazingly smooth and comfortable. I get the feeling of riding within the bike when i'm riding it and not "on top" of the bike like i felt with the force. The component package fits the bike well and you don't get a feeling that anything was really skimped in one area.... except for the brakes.

I'm not a fan of the juicy 3's. I have them on my dirt jumper with 160mm rotors and while they work, I don't feel they are up to the task of fast descents. I swapped the juicy's for XT's right away and kept the stock rotors.

Overall I think this is prob the best deal under 2k. I test rode a turner and a yeti that i thought were maybe a touch better than the pitch. The yeti was better in that it was a tought lighter and it was able to do what the pitch could with a little tighter head tube angle and the turner was butter... but those bikes were into the 2500-3k range. I didn't feel that they were 7-1300 better bikes.
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the pitch pro is a nice rig. my buddy has one and we played the switch bike for a day thing so i got some miles in on it. Would i give up my sanction for one? no but it did pedal nice up hill but felt really odd and unstable to me at high speeds (might have just been the trail) but it is a great bike to get on coming from a hard tail with a AM style of riding in mind.
thanks for all the feedback.
Since this will be my first full suspension ride and I am thoroughly hooked I want to make sure I get one that will do what I need it to do, but keep it within what momma says I can spend as this is only my second bike.
You'll be hard pressed to get to the point where you can outride this bike IMO. Save up some cash along the way and put a better wheelset and an adjustable seat post and you'll have a rockin bike that will last years.
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