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Pitch/Enduro owners.. and similar.. bar choice

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I have a Pitch Pro. Very little stock components left. Want to change the bars. Thinking of 750mm fatboys or similar.

But what rise?

The fork is a (5.5in) 140mm Pike
I got nearly an inch 4x5mm (20mm) of stem stackers (5mm on top of stem currently, 15mm undeneath)
Stock bars if I take a line straight through middle of risen portion to stem appears to be 50mm rise 680mm.

So what rise should I go for? Does 30mm rise sound too low for this kind of bike? I don't know whether to swap the stock 680mm 2in rise for 750mm 2in rise or take it down a tad with the 30mm...

What is normal? What is usual? Are those 30mm rise bars mostly for longer travel forks? Or is it common for people to drop the bars down a bit on bikes like mine?
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I dont believe there are many valid single answers to your questions as you are basically talking bike fit.
Nothing at all is stock on my Pitch, too :D, although I do have a few Specialized parts including bars.
I'm 5'8" on a small (17?) frame and I run a 60mm x 25 deg stem and Spechie CF bars from the 010 Epic I believe(prob about 25-30mm rise.

And just to show you my advice may be bars are cut down from 680 to about 650. Partially because me and my shoulders are narrow and I'm a motocrosser and used to putting some muscle into the bars etc.
You can see too my stem is spaced up to the max with a fairly long steering tube...


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completely personal preference. whatever you feel good on is the right bar.
well that's the thing, my local bike shop is crap and has nothing to try... so I am buying blind... hence why I need to ask opinions and seek the experiences of others...

I was kinda thinking that mayve a 750mm 2in bar might end up higher than a 680 2in bar...

So maybe a 38mm rise Sunline 745 might be just the ticket!
9speed, are you comfortable with your current riding posdition - height wise? Too much weight on the front? Too little? Fel too leaned over?

Use these Q's to figure it out. If I wanted a bit more upright positioning I'd look for a higher rise than I have. If I wanted to increase my leanover, I'd look for shorter bars.

As far as bar width, lots of tight singletrack & trees means issues with wider bars for some people. Other times, purely depends on comfort.
I am broad shouldered, I am about 46 chest... I find that I naturally want to grasp more bar where there is none on the 680's.. My hands tend to want to be 30mm out from the grip flange.. by which time my pinky is off the bar... so 30+30+680 = 740.. bingo! Plus the stock 680's limited control rooom due to bar diameter increase toward the centre of the bar means I cant get my controls where I want them.. so I know I want wider.. that I do know... I think if anything, just a smidge lower is where I want to be... so maybe stick that 5mm shim below so all 4 are below and get the 38mm rise Sunline 745's?

I guess I was trying to guage what is the done thing?!!?!?.
hopefully... as long as the 38mm 745 Sunline is a tad lower than the 50mm 680 Spesh.....

A lot of the longer ones can be cut down, they might even have ready markers to make it easier for you. So it could be safer to go with a longer bar that can be shortened and then just try to see how much shorter you want to make it (if any).

The height question can be more difficult to answer, though if you have spacers you could use them to fine tune the final height (under / over stem).
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