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Pipeline - Eagle, CO

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Camera is shaky because I used my Canon PowerShot SD-750 attached to my Camelback, but it gives an idea of the fun we have in Eagle :thumbsup:

Hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

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actuality that's not to bad for that kind of setup... How did you mount it on your camelbak? I have a canon SD 1100 and I want to try it.

I've been thinking of trying the same thin with my A60, just for fun. Details please!

Oh yeah, your trail looks like a blast!

The colors really popped in the video, nice :thumbsup:

Matt :eek:ut:
Thanks so much for the comments! I was surprised at the quality of the image, except for the shake, which I had expected.

As for the setup, I totally rigged it on the trail. First, I took the camera's wrist strap and looped it around the Camelback chest strap in case it fell. Then I pushed the camera between the Camelback shoulder strap and the strap that tightens the shoulder strap with the lens on the far side. Then for added stability I took the loose wrist strap and pulled it around the outside of the lens, which had the effect of pulling the camera back to my chest and being more secure. It did not fall out once after I did that.

I know this sounds confusing so I'll try to get a picture of it at some point. :)
Ok finally got around to snapping a picture of this setup. The camera is surprisingly comfortable there - I do not notice it at all.

I may try to add some zip ties next time I go out to see if that tightens up the image. I bet it would help :)
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Nice, video. Good picture quality and a great tune, too!
Nice simple rig...gonna have to try that.

M8 GR8 vid
who cxares if it had a bit of shake
the tune you used made the shake from the vid go perfectly with the breakbeat of the song
I think if you didn't have the strap around the lens the shake wouldn't be as bad...I'm gonna try a similar setup this week with my Canon is1100 and my camelpak mule NV. We shall see if I can get a good video from it. Ill post the video when I'm done..
Ok, So rigged up a holder for my cannon. I attached it to my shoulder strap. I was also able to do a test run around the neighborhood. I know its not the same as the trails but again just a test run. Here is a pic and a video. I think I might try something different. even though it looks like it might fall out that sucker is stuck in there.

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Nice rig - I will interested in seeing your trail videos! Post them when you have them.

I tried to do another couple of trails but all my videos are poorly positioned and stare at the front tire/ground the whole time. I'll keep playing with it until I get an actual helmet camera.
Yeah, I will probably stop being a cheap ass and get a helmet cam also. Kinda fun doing Macgyver kind of stuff though.
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