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I rode Bear Creek, P1, and P2 for the first time last weekend. It was fairly easy to navigate but one part confused me.

At the end of the dirt road FS90B there is a small parking lot where Pinhoti 2 starts. The actual trail starts as a doubletrack on the right as you enter the parking area. There is a "Road Closed" gate across the doubletrack. However, if you go straight ahead in the parking lot instead of turning right, there is a single track trail heading off in the distance.

Neither trail is marked. Fortunately, my small map showed that gate so I knew which way to go. But logic would have told me to go straight onto the singletrack instead of going right onto the doubletrack.

What is that singletrack that goes straight? My guess is that it somehow hooks up with P2 but I never saw an intersection.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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