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Pilot-Sauratown-Hanging Rock Rumors

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Has anyone heard about the possible opening of the Pilot Mountain Corridor trail to Sauratown trail to Hanging Rock to bikers? A frind of mine was at one of the LBS in Winston and they indicated that these have been opened...anyone know more details? This is a great 50+ miles of trail in Winston-Salems back yard! All of the state websites still indicated that these are hiker and horse only trails. :madman:
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I would be utterly amazed if they opened the Sauratown Trail to cyclists. I do know of a trail system that is in the building phase at Camp Sertoma off of Moore's Springs Road. The guys have been working on it for a few months now, but I'm not entirely sure if it is open yet to the, "public." I definitely wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the ST to open up to us. (though it would be incredible, 50 miles of singletrack that I could ride to from my front door...nice!)
Here are a couple pertinent links.

Stokes CORE is responsible for the trailbuilding project. The link below includes a video of dude rocking jeans and no helmet, but it still shows some trail.

Also, there was an article in the Stokes News a while back concerning the reviatlization of the old camp

More trails is cool. No helmet no big deal, but you should tell people to mute their computer when watching the video.:band:
I've ridden the trails at camp sertoma. My good ridin' buddy is friends with the builders. I'm pretty sure their not open to the public yet though. They will awesome riding when their completed!
fattires, where do you live? I'm between Pfafftown and Tobaccoville, we should hit the trails together sometime! :thumbsup:
The sertoma trails are fun stuff; all you W-S guys who like the wilkesboro trails will be in heaven. Close to town and very similar. That said they haven't gone as nuts with making everything roadbike smooth like wilkes. Way more mtn bikey, but not holding up as well to this weather!

Locals keep your ears to the ground; there are fairly frequent group rides trying to beat the trails in between these storms. When frozen or dry they are happening. 3.5ish miles currently, lots more land to cut in!
How can we keep up to date w/ these?
I'm in GSO and have been salivating about trails in that area for almost 20 years.....
No official channels yet. Some of the guys cutting trail are posting ride days on facebook, but I'm not on there. Next time I hear a group is going out I'll PM ya. If you know any of the old school racer types from king/stokes/walnut cove ask them. They'll know the guys cutting the trails. Its being kept quiet-ish until they get at least the main backbone cut in.

As I said before, these trails aren't doing the best with weather, so please don't go hunting unescorted. The county/state is funding some of the work to theses trails so we really have to mind our p's and q's so to speak.

No plans to go scouting them out until its official.
I'm part of the trail building crew here and know all too well about staying off wet trails.

Please keep me updated with a pm....if you get down this way and want to ride let me know.

Thanks again.
Hey froth14, I live in King and I work in oldtown(windstream comm)
froth14 said:
fattires, where do you live? I'm between Pfafftown and Tobaccoville, we should hit the trails together sometime! :thumbsup:
I haven't figured out how to reply to post yet, wasn't sure you would get the last one I posted. I'm in King and work in Oldtown(windstream comm)
I work in King, at Chestnut Grove. My contact person for the trails is Tony McGee, I beleive he is kind of heading up the project. He is also responsible (at least mostly) for maintaining the trails at Horizons. I believe there is a Facebook page for Stokes CORE, I think... They are involved in the trailbuilding efforts
I thought that may have been you I pass quite often in the Exterra. My daughter goes there, she in the eighth grade. You ride a single speed(Surly)? You probably pass my development if you take Brown rd. I don't ride as much as I used to, but when I can, I go. Dwayne Hunter is the friend of mine that rides allot with Tony. I'd love to go sometime, you may just have to wait on me! LOL(Old & slow syndrome)
I know Dwayne through the grapevine, but don't know that I have ridden with him. The next time that I hear anything about a work day on FB, I'll put a post up back on here. It'll be nice to have a good trail system in our own backyard!

If I remember correctly the trail work days were on Wednesday nights over the summer, but I was leading a group road ride, so I never got to make it. Now I'm in grad school two nights a week, so about the only day that I have a bit of free time to do trailwork is on Saturdays.
oh, and yeah, that's me in the Xterra, and the Surly has been sold off. I've got a Paragon now, with something else coming down the line hopefully in the next few weeks! :thumbsup:
Now would be a good time to start talking to the Sauratown trails folks about helping them out and sharing their trail. Most of the horse folks are getting kind of long in the tooth if you know what I mean. The last time I was at Hanging Rock they had to close part of the trail or a riding center and it was having to be re-routed. It didn't look like it had been maintained in a long time.
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