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Pikes Or Nixons

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I'm just in the market for new forks for my 04 5 spot and can't make my mind up wether to go with pikes or nixons i'd prefare air forks as i'm only 10st and can't get coil forks with a soft enough spring. i hear good and bad things about pikes but dont hear a great deal on here about nixons. what do you rekon?

cheers moz
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tscheezy is so much nicer than me
Manitou is having serious periodic quality issues. I would not buy a Nixon. The Pikes are excellent forks and easy to set up for light riders. My GF (130#) loves hers. The Maxle is excellent. No contest that I can see.
wot the ****s up with you tampax, as i said i can find loads of coments about pikes but not nixons!
what you've "heard" and what you've "searched" are 2 different things, i can't know the difference, just going off what you wrote

the "what fork 5Spot" has easily got to be the most prolific Turner thread on the board....maybe there was a reason why Manipoo's or Nixon's didn't show up in those threads ever

sorry to get you riled up
apollogy accepted, but i just dont see the need to be arsy. my circumstances are differant as how soft they can be set up is a big issue, ive already wasted money on 05 pace rc40's and 06 zokky am3's as i cant run them soft enough.
You are candidate for a Pike Dual Air or Air U-turn. A very yummy fork. Forget Manitou.
cheers pal, its the 454 dual air a fancy.
This thread will get you a lot of info.
Fork queries

This question comes up so many times because it needs to be asked! I went through the same thing a while back and ended up with a Vanilla as it is about the right weight and height I thought. However, I am now starting to have a few reliability problems with it and I am also and thinking about bolt through for the front, so I'm pondering forks again.

Manitous - I don't trust after all my friends with them have had reliability problems.

Marzocchi - I would love one of these as they just seem to last really well on mates bikes. Spring rate might be a problem as I'm under 10stone but I can usually get things working. However, I just think they are too high and a little bit too much on the heavy side.

Fox - see above with reliability worries.

Rock Shox - Very interested in the Pike. Still unsure about coil vs air. All long travel air shocks I've had have just not worked well although I'm sure the technology has improved. Still would prefer coil though as it's just plain less hasstle when you finally find the right spring.

I think the market is short on reliable 5inch forks that not super heavy or super tall. And the new forks in this bracket seem to be just getting taller. I'm sure there is a hole that is developing in the market.:confused:
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looks like you have the same problem as me traildog, ive had a set of 06 zocky am3's and to get the correct sag and for them to feel right for me i had that little air in i lost 20m of travel. i also had a set of 05 vanillas and after 2 sets of bushes and a new stansions and steerer they had to go although when they were working they felt superb. pikes are the only fork i fancy at the moment and would prefare coil but like you i'm almost sure the standard spring rate would be too hard.
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