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Hi all,

I bought a set of 2016 Pikes (Non boost, 27.5) for my hardtail build about 1.5 years ago which were flawless & had clearly very little use. The guy I got them from previously had a shop swap the air spring so I know they'd been serviced at least once during their very easy life.

Since then I've put around 4000 miles on them and looked after them very well. Im a bit of a tinkerer so they've been been serviced much more often than the 50 hour recommended interval.

Despite that I've noticed a small amount of play starting to develop in the bushings, particularly on the air spring / brake side (noticeable while riding and gradually getting worse). They've been run at 160 and 140mm travel with a 200mm rotor which has probably put more stress on it. Our local riding style is a lot of miles in muddy and rocky terrain, and the local guys who do similar mileage to me have also killed bushings in forks before.

Is there anything that can be done about this? It seems like rockshox stopped doing replacement bushings for their forks ages ago which is a bit crap. Non boost lowers are also hard to come by or ridiculously expensive. I've upgraded it with a debonair spring and charger 2.1 damper so its basically my dream fork and I'd hate to have to pay a ton to get something equivalent, only to bin it in 2 years when the bushings die. Not really sure what I should do!

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