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So I've got only 20 hours on this fork, and I can hear air seeping from the u-turn assembly area, and it gets louder the more I compress the its definitely having a problem. If I dial down the travel just 2 clicks, problem gone. Anyone else experienced this?

I'll note that the bike was just at my shop for the inital tune up, and I heard the leak even as I was carrying the bike back into my apt. I noticed they stored the bike hanging from the front wheel, which I never did. Any ideas if oil sitting on the seals could of caused it while it was hanging? They only had it for 5 days. I haven't asked yet if they did anything else to it...they weren't supposed to.

PS - Go France...I'll be away from my computer for a while...
edit: Go Brazil?? no replies...guess I said too much.

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