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Pike 454 dual air non U-turn

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Again, same scene take 42...

sorry for the nuisance but....

I set my mind on the Pike for quite some time but I am still hesitant.

Dual air is the way to go, U-turn might be nice but in all honesty I have it on my Talas rlc but have never used it. Therefore I feel like taking the dual air non U-turn and run it at 130 if 140 feels too high which i'm not even sure about even if it's higher than the recommended height.This will also shed a few grams.(1851 against 1947)

Or keep the Talas on the side and swap forks depending on my riding style.

Sorry for bugging , but watcha think? $ 0.2 are welcomed.

Hey, Rikardo, I guess will meet again... :rolleyes:
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Again - sorry for hijaking your thread once again. Hope it is allright with you :) I did not get an answer on the shock board and since quite a lot Homers have a Pike I hope to get an answer gere. My question is quite similar to yours.

I also have a question about the Pike Dual Air and the U-Turn since I am considering a 2005 Pike Team Air vs. a 2006 Pike 454 U-Turn.

I have heard that if there is more negative air pressure than positive air pressure, you will start to loose a little travel.

This is from the review which MBR did of the Pike Team Air. They say that any extra air in the negative chamber reduced the travel:

And this is taken from DGCs review:

"The manual recommends matching the negative pressure to the positive pressure as a starting point. On this point, Rock Shox seems to be quite accurate: With equal positve and negative pressures, this fork has a very plush ride and is very active over the small stuff. As with most dual air forks, If you choose to run more negative air pressure than positive air pressure, you will start to loose a little travel as the negative pressure begins to pull the lower legs up further onto the stanchion tubes.

How easy is it to adjust the lenght of the travel by putting more negative pressure in the Pike?

Is there a diagram anywhere that shows eg. putting 10 psi more negative air pressure sets the length to 125 mm and so on?

I will adjust the travel before I go out for a ride and I Iwill not touch it while I am out riding so I think the Dual Air would be fine. But it depends on how easy it is to adjust the travel by adding more negative air pressure?​
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I say go for it!

If you never adjusted the travel on your Talas then whats the point in buying something you are not going to use? Sometimes less is more, in this case you mentioned already saving some weight, which is never a bad thing. I imagine also you will save a little money too which would be ok I think since you said you dont use the travel adjust feature.

I cant answer about the ease of setting the travel, I leave that to the other more knowledgeable types. ;)
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