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So yea, I'm having some issues with my desktop (not the tablet PC) in that all the pictures within the threads aren't loading. For some reason, my computer will load the first picture in the first post sometimes, and then after that, it's kinda like hit and miss--more often miss.

I have never had issues with pictures loading until I got to this site... so a little "Tech Support" would be pretty awesometastic.

I've got a high-end Dell desktop (I do have issues with the network card--it'll randomly disconnect me for a split second and then reconnect)
I run primarily Firefox (latest version...) and I've even tried loading some of these threads with IE to no avail.
I've looked into the setting for both Firefox and IE, and I can't seem to locate any (other than my current settings) that will help my problem.
I've turned my firewalls on and off, but that hasn't helped... So yea, what do ya'll suggest...

p.s. - I did a quick search of the forum... and I didn't find any other definitive thread on this issue (only one for MAC users)
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