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Had a great weekend in MtElden, Flagstaff, hitting some of the "secret" trails that have been built more recently. Rock drops, ladders and log rides mixed in with rain, hail and generally slipperey conditions made it fun.
Start off with a rock huck.
Then onto the a-frame that gave the big bike boys (and everyone else) trouble.
Log rolls a plenty.
Steep wet rock
More other good stuff that we were too busy riding (or trying to ride) to photograph.

The 5-spot handled it like a champ, I do feel however that the Vanilla was a little out of its element, it felt too linear on the big hits and would dive into its travel too much on the steep descents. This makes me swing back more towards the Z1 QR20.


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GREAT Shots man! I'm a big fan of the 20mm fork too.

I did my first ladder ramp this w/e. No drop just a ramp down. It rolled down from a sketchy rocky mound. The approach was blind though so I couldn't see it until I cleared the top. 10 ppl watching me discover I was off line 5' from the ground. My reaction? I shout "Ooooh! I'm Gonna Dieeee!" I held it together though got to the bottom and laughed my arse off w/ everyone else.
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