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I spent a great winter living in Vegas riding almost daily from last November till this May. Man I never rode so much and I do miss the trails at Bootleg and Cottonwood Canyons.

Here are some pictures from Whiteface Mountain in New York State of the recent trail projects we have completed.

These pictures are a new expert trail we made. This is right after our North East Shore trail. Killer way down.

The entrance:

The 1st drop:

The go around:

A little farther down the trail:

Just a cool natural feature we took advantage of. Check out how dark this trail is. Way cool as soon as you enter. This picture was taken from above the feature:

Same feature from the bottom:

Berm near the exit. We also built 1 berm before this one and 1 right after:

These pictures were taekn from trail # 24 starting near the summit. 25 minutes of awesome single-track back to the base area and gondola.

This is right where you enter trail # 24 "The Old Downhill" This was used in the old NORBA races at Whiteface in the late 1990's.

I had to take this one of my new Glory at the start of the single-track on upper 24:

This is also right from the start of 24. Looks easy or I just suck because it's hard!:

This is still 1450 vertical above the base area.I hung out until I saw a rider. This is just above the new boardwalk you'll see in the next pictures:

Here is one of a rider just entering the woods on the new boardwalk:

Just a close up of the new feature. this area at the start would erode each year. I think this was a good fix:

Another close up of new feature on trail 24. The ski trail you see in the background on the right was used for the downhill in the 1980 Winter Olympics.:

This is our new pump track as seen from the gondola:
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