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Happy Friday -- last one before the big holiday!

This (OT) clip is seriously over the top (link courtesy of our friend Photo John): wing suit base jumping

Here are a few pics observed on the trail of a "jockey" front derailleur set up. Parts lifted from a road bike with down tube shifters. I think this would be a cool method for a klunker conversion.



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muddybuddy said:
Very cool build. I think I'd go with the Syncros on that one. Just curious what you're going to do for disc brakes in keeping with the retro theme?
thanks! :) leaning towards the Syncros, but will install both to see which I like better.

as for brakes, I'm not going to go the vintage route. most likely, I'll be getting Avid BB7s with Paul Components Compact Love Levers, which are kind of retro in their own way. if I could find some NOS Kooka Racha brake levers for V-brakes, I'd slap those on. everything on the bike will be NOS or new, and it's going to be a mixed bag of both depending on what is available...

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pinguwin said:

-20F in this pic, was out riding the other day in 10F for two hours.
I'll have to get a pic of me in my winter commuting garb. Good thing it's only 2 miles!

Even still, if i'm wearing a suit under my snowpants and outer shell i'm still hot when I get to work.
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