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This past summer I was included in a rad project to revamp some dirt jumps that were 100% unrideable. The City of Eagan MN had dumped 10,000 grand of primo dirt and didn't have any one to shape and take care of them...that was 3 years ago! The only bummer part was the city didn't allow any machine work so all this was built by hand...some super dedicated dirt throwers to bring this place back to life so props to them! Anyway I got called off on a 4 month long video production in June, when I came back this is what we had...They aren't huge but they are super fun to ride, and they are the first DJs I've ever really ridden. So its been a super fun fall, to any Minnesota riders we've got some super fun jumps and they are 100% legit so no worries of them getting plowed or f'd with. Here are a few of my fav shots from the fall season of riding!

Berm transfer!

Jumps at night!

Nose bonk on little line.

Whip it, whip it good!

Hip and the end of the line.

Thanks for lookin'! Some time this week we'll be shoveling the snow of them to keep them open as long as we possibly can! 6" of fresh snow sucks!!!

Photo cred to Pete Koski, Kris Yahner, and Tony Scudiero

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