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Figured out how to add pics!

Just wanted to share some trail riding shots from today. I've only had my Koko for about a month and this is her 2nd time out as the weather had been yucky lately. Anyway, I love the way the bike handles and how the rear suspension feels. I sold my Stinky a few days ago and now I really don't regret doing so. I used the Stinky as a trail bike primarily and it had sucky suspension characteristics for that purpose IMHO. To those familiar with Rockville, you guys know how technical and steep the climbs and chutes are (not to mention the rest of the singletrack there. Anyway, I've cleared stuff (up and down) that I couldn't on my 5" stinky.

If the 575 is this good, then I think I'm getting one!

Anyway, here are the pics....sorry, too busy negotiating the really tasty sections to take self portraits so no pics of those. Maybe next time when my riding buddies are around.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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