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Photos from Hawes - xpost from Passion

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Today was such a great day for a ride - 70 degrees and sunny. A few of my friends and I ventured out on the Hawes trail system all the way to the jumps (just before the Bush Highway). I've never gone that far east - what a windy trail (especially Twisted Sister and Wild Horse)! The trail itself is smoothe and fast but the curves are simply hellacious -- I kept carrying too much speed into the turns and sliding around.

Anyway, I took some photos and posted them in the Passion section:

My camera skills are not nearly as good as Yuri's, so I apologize for the marginal image quality.

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Great pics! I ride Hawes three/four times a week and I never get tired of the scenery. Funny how now that the temps are great, we cram in as much mountain biking as possible before the heat comes back meanwhile, people back east and up north are trying to deal with studded tires, frozen hands and snowpacked derrailers. I love Arizona!
jeez a ride post

nice post doug.
mikey's stuff makes mine look like bad holga pics.
that and i plagiarize like a mofo.
saw the ftn from the other side of the valley today.


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.downhillfaster. said:
Nice write up and pics, Doug. But I'm hurt - no shots of you guys hittin' our jumps? :D

I didn't think our 2-foot "Napoleon Dynamite" jumps would qualify as photo-worthy. ;)

When I looked over those gaps I thought to myself "Holy sh!t - who would try such a stunt?". But of course I know that many of you do. Dammit I feel like such a puss when it comes to that stuff.

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