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the last one takes too long to load now, some nice pics keep em coming!

did gorge creek this weekend, i don't recommend it the horses and cattle have destroyed it bad. there was some good descending but i again forgot to stop. oh well, my annual DH trip is next week so i'll have some action shots.

the climb, this was largely unridable and no fun

forgetmenot ridge

threepoint mtn

the gorge

some of the ridable singletrack


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great pics!

Did pretty much the same route Sunday and I will second the comments about the cattle and horses chewing up the trails! Holy "rough if you are on a hardtail, Batman!" Even on a full-susp rig, I could feel it today! Two years ago, it was in much better condition. The black flies and horseflies seemed to be immune from the DEET!

That first picture looks like anou of our eight riders that day... friggin' 35C plus on the long walk (or as we say, "on the long ALEX"!) up the hill... we were looking for shady spots to rest. the views were well worth the pain and sweat!

I will see if I can downsize some our our pictures to post...
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