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Photo help...for future reference.

dorsett said:
Can any one help me post pics?I've tried Photo Bucket and when submiting all it shows is a small square with a red x in it.
Photobucket's ok, but try this...

goto and download the program. Open the program and set it up to scan all photo files on your computer. It'll also give the option of setting it up to automatically download/import any added files. Set-Up a special MTBR export/sized file" folder in your pictures file.


1. Go into picassa and select your specified picture.
2. Select the File bar on your top toolbar.
3.Select Export to folder.
4. Select file size option and move the slider to the appropriate file
5. Export the file to your pictures folder.(no this isn't being
6. Goto your specific/favorite thread in mtbr, and when you
want to upload a picture, it's already sized and available for

example: this picture attatchment started out as over 800x600pixel.


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Your AWSOME MAN... WTF is that thing in your pic? S/S....Dude come on man. Don’t ever put that kind of pic on screen again....Actually my friend has one of those and loves it.

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Totally OT but I remember that Dorsett run (referring to your avatar). I was like 13 or 14 and was a huge Cowboys fan at the time (they were on every Sunday in AZ before we got the Cards). Tony was the MAN!

...what's up with those wheels? Are they from the 70's as well??? Lol.

And for the record, we punked you guys a few weeks back, haha.
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